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Mandela Day

Our story started with our fund raising activities for the Marloth Park Honorary Rangers Winter Fair, on whose behalf we canvassed support from local companies, on completion of the fair we still had a surplus of goodies left over. After discussions with the fairs committee it was decided that we could donate these items to worthy causes. With items supplied by Spar, Shoprite and cash donations we were able to fill lucky packets for children at “Komati Care Centre” in Orlando Komatipoort and “Uthandiwe Children’s Home” in Malelane, these were both to be handed out on Mandela day. The balance of our initial stock was to be handed out at the “Sitemele Activity Centre” for the disabled in Naas on the following Friday this in conjunction with the handover of a new bore hole and water tank that was being supplied by RCL Foods and some of their associated organizations.

Komati Care Centre

Our Madiba day celebrations started with a mid-morning visit to the care center where we were met by many beaming faces. With support from Shoprite in Komatipoort who supplied a beautiful cake showing the face of Madiba 65 goodie bags were handed to the children plus additional packets of biscuits were supplied for the center staff to distribute. As the photos show a great time was had by all. Shoprite was represented by a number of staff including their assistant branch manager Clarah Jockia.


From the Care Centre we proceeded to the Uthandiwe (You are loved) Children’s Home where we were able to hand over more goodie bags and a case of canned food and biscuits. The visit was an eye opener given the poor state of the facilities, Mandela day saw many of the local community both companies and individuals rally to restore some dignity for the attendees and staff of the home. The kitchen was renovated, buildings were being painted and the gardens restored to provide a future vegetable supply, during the course of the day people were also arriving with donations of materials and foods. However even with all the work undertaken there is still a lot to be done. We have undertaken to champion repairs to the bathroom facilities and as our initial photos show a lot of work is needed, two weeks later and a number of items have been attended to but support is still required to bring these facilities to an acceptable standard.

Sitimele Activity Center

On the 26th we proceeded to Naas where we joined forces with staff of RCL Foods, there supporters  and local community representatives plus some very excited center attendees. The primary purpose of the day was to hand over the borehole and water tank which will enable the attendees to have a water supply to the center and to develop a vegetable garden. Again the facilities leave a lot to be desired as does the lack of equipment to assist the disabled. We spent an enjoyable few hours with these happy people who whether disabled can still offer a lot to the community, attendees ranged in age from small children to Gogos 80 years old. We left knowing we have to do more accordingly after discussing with the Komatipoort Church congregation we already have obtained two wheel chairs (not new but only requiring minor repairs) and a set of crutches, these will be handed over to worthy recipients before the end of August. Equipment is still required and assistance in this regards would be greatly appreciated.

Our experiences over the two days were inspiring and again emphasized to us how blessed we are, it also highlighted our desire to do more. However one negative of the Madiba Day festivities and other days like Christmas Party days was the fact everyone wants to do something on these special occasions which are often few and far between. Every day / week / month is special and we would like to see more fun days throughout the year for the less fortunate among our community, the goodie bags we handed out are not so expensive but the smiles on the children’s and adults faces alike were priceless. God bless, Mike & Elroux, 082 555 7165 / 082 565 2292